Food World Me’s First Giveaway: Win Beauty Loot!

Join here guys!

Food + World + Me

Hi Dear Readers!

As promised, I’m very excited to launch the first giveaway of Food+World+Me starting today until September 24. I’ve got some awesome drugstore favorites that I’ve tried and enjoyed in the past, so the selection here that I’m sharing to the lucky winner is definitely Matromao-approved. Here’s what’s up for grabs inside the beauty loot bag:

Open the link below on a new tab to get to the Rafflecopter giveaway page, and do the tasks to get your entries counted:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Since I’m still learning the ropes on giveaway logistics, this contest is currently open to residents of the Philippines only.
**There are four mandatory tasks to form a valid raffle entry: 1. Like Foodworldme on FB, 2. share this blog post on FB (publicly, please don’t forget to tag @foodworldme so that I can verify), follow @matromao on Twitter, and follow @matromao on Instagram. Up…

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Dermatologist Says: Use Dove!

Dove for your smooth skin!

Food + World + Me

On the latter part of the previous week, I found myself at a local hospital with my grandma. No worries, it was just a quick trip to see a dermatologist as my granny had a bothersome dry (non-peeling, rough) patch of skin on her thigh. It’s been upsetting her for over a year, and she’s tried everything from over-the-counter calamine lotion to a home remedy of vinegar (eww). Off to the derma we went.

The very friendly doctor advised granny to stop overdoing her daily body cleansing rituals. You see, she tends to be a little intense, taking long, hot baths with a thorough scrubbing, followed by splashing rubbing alcohol all over her body. Her naturally dry skin type coupled with the normal aging process has stripped her skin of natural oils, so her entire ritual actually made things worse!

When asked about her regular bath products, granny told the…

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